Perl Scripts


EngInSite Perl Editor Professional  v.3 6

EngInSite Perl Editor is a complete integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, testing and debugging Perl scripts, which runs on Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP or later.

Perl for FTN Systems  v.0.04

This project is to provide a repository of Perl scripts, or links to where such Perl scripts might be found, for use on Fidonet Technology Networks (FTN) systems.


Perl2Exe 9.110 Beta  v.1.0

The Perl2Exe application was designed to be a command line program for converting Perl scripts to executable files.

FormsToGo  v.4.1

Create custom PHP, ASP and Perl scripts for HTML forms and send the field values thru email, in text, html or multipart, with file uploaded in the forms, or dump the field values to a text file, MySQL or MS-Access database.


Make CGI scripts in Perl, offline in Windows. It is a fully integrated visual environment and editor for creating, testing, debugging and running perl scripts and web pages. Includes: Internal server and web browser for previewing, feature packed editor

W3Perl  v.3 1

W3Perl is a free web analytic tool for Web / FTP / Squid / CUPS and Mail servers. It can use server's logfiles or your own (page tagging or counter). The perl scripts analyze logfiles and produce HTML/PDF reports.

ABMapper  v.2.0.3

Spliced alignment made easy. ABMapper is a portable, easy to use package for spliced alignment, junction site detection, and reads mapping. The core module was written in C++ and wrapped in PERL scripts.

Batchreplace  v.0.1.1

Perl scripts to perform batch renames, regex replacements, non-cumulative list-based replacements, and double-quoted replacement of strings on text files which may be, but not necessary limited to source code.

DeleteFromPOP3  v.3.0.5

Two Perl scripts for deleting of selected messages left on the POP3 server.

Froi -- FSFAST ROI  v.0.1.1

froi (FS-FAST ROI) is a suite of Perl scripts and modules to provide easy slice-, volume-, and surface-based ROI analysis of functional MRI (fMRI) data analyzed by FS-FAST and Freesurfer (http://surfer.

Sdist  v.1.02

Sdist creates a skeletal set of distribution files for standalone Perl scripts, so that they can be installed with 'perl Makefile.

SQL to DIA  v.0.2

SQL2DIA is a set of Perl scripts to generate Dia diagrams from existing databases.

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